Technology - R&D


We promote its competitiveness with our R&D centre


At UBE Corporation Europe, we have a young, multidisciplinary and creative team of engineers qualified in R&D, made up of professionals from Japan, Spain, France and Germany, specialised in different areas and techniques, such as chromatography (GC, HPLC, GPC, GC-MS), spectroscopy (IR, UV-VIS, NIR), thermal analysis (DSC, TGA) and mechanical analysis; organic synthesis, microscopy, rheology and extrusion and injection processes.


Each day, more than 30 technicians use their best know-how and enthusiasm to develop innovative applications and search for technological solutions so that our customers can improve their products and make better use of resources during the manufacturing phase, with lower energy consumption, savings on raw materials and easier processing.


R&D Centre


Our laboratories occupy an area of 2000 m2, with facilities for material synthesis, analysis for the characterisation and evaluation of materials or products and an area for pilot plants.


Innovative applications


High-durability coatings for wood or floors, special paints, adhesives, packaging for the food industry, film and bottles for agriculture, automotive and industrial components, fertilisers...


We respect our environment, benefiting and making people's lives easier


By developing technological and sustainable solutions for industry, improving the environmental impact of our materials, their performance and their features, we benefit people and make their personal and professional lives easier. We are based in Castellón but operate and offer all our experience and enthusiasm worldwide.