Sustainability - Health, Safety and the Environment


showing respect for life and the environment


At UBE, our most precious asset is life. This includes the lives of every person and the life of our environment.


Therefore, we contribute in the manufacturing processes of thousands of products that make life easier for human beings with a deep sense of protection.


At UBE, we also remember every day that "safety means all of us" and “for everything to still be there tomorrow", we have to be vigilant today.

Improvements to Safety and the Environment.


Our company has made investments of more than 50 million euros in recent years, directly related to safety and the environment, and they have brought us real achievements in these areas:


• Reduction of steam consumption and the energy integration of production processes, achieving a reduction of 8% in CO2 emissions compared to 2013 and a reduction of the energy cost per product unit of around 6%.
• Installation of a reverse osmosis unit next to our wastewater treatment plant, saving 5% in water consumption for the production process as from 2013.
• Internal and external recycling of 90% of our waste through energy recovery, recycling or the recovery of substances as part of the Selective Waste Collection Programme.


At present, we continue to apply technological improvements to improve our environmental impact and we plan to further reduce CO2 emissions by 2020 by around 10% thanks to new investments in energy-savings at the production plant.


In terms of occupational safety, the new technologies invested in the process and the many hours devoted to staff training have led to an intrinsic increase in in-house safety and we have now had three years without an accident leading to staff sick leave.

Our book on CSR, Thank you for paying attention at all times; safety involves all of us, prize-winner at PUBLIFESTIVAL


Our CSR book Thank you for paying attention at all times; safety involves all of us was awarded a prize in 2013 as "Best Social Communication" at PUBLIFESTIVAL, the international festival for social advertising.


The CSR book was a compendium of emails sent by the safety manager, set out in an attractive manner, which in an enjoyable and friendly way sought to make colleagues aware of how to avoid accidents, setting safety targets, recommending certain protocols and congratulating workers for their achievements. The prize was recognition for the safety manager's work and the commitment made by workers and UBE to safety.


A pleasing and recognised project we did as a team with the agency Bión-b estrategia y comunicación.