UBE is certified to supply the automotive sector with greater guarantees


After an exhaustive audit and more than two years of preparation, UBE Corporation Europe has obtained the IATF 16949: 2016 certificate, the main requirement that any company must meet to be accepted as a provider of the demanding automotive industry. With this step, the company has achieved a manufacturing ecosystem that, in addition to continuous improvement emphasizes the prevention of errors, the reduction of variations and waste, to adjust to the requirements of its customers, knowing how to react to possible risks with which it can face.




With an eye on the new needs of the automotive industry, which requires lightweight components but high technical performance for new types of vehicles, UBE has in Castellón several production units of nylon, with its own technology of continuous polymerization, as well as a plant in which special additives are added to nylon to obtain the so-called compound.




It is precisely the nylon compounding plant inaugurated in 2017 and called Olive K, together with its complementary services of logistics, R&D, laboratories, engineering, maintenance, sales ... which has obtained the IATF 16949: 2016 certification.




Although UBE Corporation Europe was already supplying various companies linked to the automotive sector, the company assumed before these customers the commitment to implement this quality management system and obtain the certificate in 2018, launching the project two years ago. The preparation process involved a multinational team of more than 30 people from all areas of the company, and the support of colleagues from the Japan matrix. The audit process has been equally complex by including the analysis of the production line in shifts of morning, afternoon and evening.




Bruno De Bièvre, president of UBE Corporation Europe, has expressed his satisfaction with an achievement "reached through team effort and that shows that in Spain and Europe, as anywhere in the world, UBE is never far from its rightful place as a company: top quality!”