UBE celebrated the 50th anniversary of its caprolactam plant in Castellón (Spain)

In 1968, the Castellón plant, the only caprolactam production center in Spain, was inaugurated as a result of the joint investment of Banesto and Standard Oil ESSO.

Since 1992 under the management of the Japanese group UBE Industries, its activities include the manufacture and commercialization of materials for polymers, fertilizers, fine chemicals, polyamides for food packaging and for applications in the automotive sector. It has a powerful R&D department for the development of applications and the provision of technological solutions to its customers.

 The celebrations carried out by UBE Corporation Europe throughout 2018 began on June 21 with the inauguration of the new nylon production plant, Olive II, by the president of UBE Industries, M. Takeshita; the mayor of Castellón, A. Marco; the president of the provincial council of Castellón, J. Moliner; the deputy consul general of Japan in Barcelona, ​​Y. Takeya and the president of UBE Corporation Europe, B. De Bièvre. Later clients, authorities, employees and representatives of the Castellón society attended the "Conversations with good chemistry" in the City Auditorium, a lively debate in which the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, X. Puig, and the Rector from the Jaume I University, E. Alcón also participated. The celebration concluded with the representation of the surprising visual work "Voyager", interpreted by the Japanese company Enra, for the first time in Europe. 

(In the following links, you can see a summary of the celebrations of June 21 and a video commemorating the 50 years of the plant. 

21 June 2018: Olive II_Conversations with good chemistry_Voyager by Enra 

2018: 50th Anniversary of the caprolactam plant of UBE in Spain

The "Hafu" Festival organized by UBE in the public area of ​​the Port of Castellón on November 17 was the most social aspect of the 50th Anniversary events, open to the entire society of Castellón. In the morning, more than 2,000 participants enjoyed the union of the Japanese and Spanish cultures through children's workshops, Japanese calligraphy, the gastronomic tasting offered by the students of the School of Hostelling of Castellón and the music of the School of Dolçaina i Tabal del Grau. A concert by Estrella Morente, a cantaora who represents the essence of the current Spanish flamenco scene, put on the closing of the gala before more than 4,000 people, to this celebration of the 50th anniversary of the caprolactam plant.  

UBE Corporation Europe thanked in this way the constant support of the Castellón society during these 50 years, in which both the community and the company have jointly walked a path of progress and improvement very remarkable.