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UBE Corporation Europe, S.A. Unipersonal


UBE Corporation Europe comprises a group of companies engaged in the production and distribution of value-added chemicals and the creation of sustainable technological solutions that meet the demands of industry and market trends. We have been operating in Europe for more than five decades and are also present in Latin America through our branches and offices in Castellón and Madrid (Spain), Düsseldorf (Germany), São Paulo (Brazil) and Mexico DF (Mexico). We are fully integrated in the Japanese group UBE Industries, Ltd.


From UBE Corporation Europe (Castellón, Spain), we lead and coordinate the strategy and businesses of our subsidiaries, with an emphasis on the standardisation and efficient management of the entire group. We have production lines for caprolactam (the raw material for nylon or polyamide 6), fertilisers, fine chemicals (1,6-hexanediol, 1,5-pentanediol, polycarbonate diols), nylon and copolyamides. We also centralise services common to our companies.


At UBE, Europe GmbH (Düsseldorf, Germany), we market a broad portfolio of advanced-technology products in the Atlantic (Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America) and the Middle East. Examples of the range include polyamides, specialised machinery, ceramic components for electronics, polyimides, polybutadiene and gas separation membranes, etc.


UBE Latin America Serviços Ltda. (São Paulo, Brazil) is a subsidiary dedicated to the promotion of a wide variety of products from the UBE portfolio in the Latin American market to meet the growing demand of these expanding markets: polyamides and their precursors, fine chemicals, industrial machinery, fertilisers and gas separation membranes, etc.


UBE Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. (Mexico DF, Mexico) focuses on promoting polyamides, fine chemicals, fertilisers and other products in the markets of Central America, North America and the Caribbean.



UBE Industries, Ltd


UBE Industries Ltd is a Japanese business group created 120 years ago by Sukesaku Watanabe, with the founding of the Okinoyama Coal Mine in the city of Ube, prefecture of Yamaguchi, Japan, along with a group of local investors.


Driven by the original vision of "creating industries with endless possibilities from the finite resources of coal in order to achieve lasting prosperity for the local community", at UBE Industries we have continued to diversify into new business areas over the years to meet the needs of society, giving rise to our branches in power, machinery, cement and chemistry, which, along with pharmaceuticals, are the main basis of the current UBE Group.


More than 50 years ago, the UBE Group opted for Europe as one of its key markets and more than 20 years ago, we established our industrial base and European headquarters in Spain to address and improve our service to the industry in the Atlantic region of the world.


UBE Industries has instilled in us the spirit of innovation and has enabled us to adapt to social, environmental and technological changes as one of our driving forces. It has also transformed us into a creative industrial corporation.


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