Company - History and development


with stability and growth


At UBE CORPORATION EUROPE, we base our stability on the growth of turnover, staff, product range, research and investment volume.


Commercial and technical expertise is our cornerstone, as is clear from the continuous training programmes implemented in business management and safety.


We also ensure our success strategy through investments in new products, technologies and innovation.


Expansion of production capacity and new product offerings by UBE CORPORATION EUROPE.


Between 1967 and 2009, UBE grew from 20,000 to 95,000 t/year of caprolactam, and the capacity for ammonium sulphate also exceeded 400,000 t/year.


Furthermore, in 1992 it started up production of liquid fertilisers, combining ammonium sulphate with other components in liquid format.


Since 1999, it offers 1,6-hexanediol, a fine chemical with multiple applications in the development of polyurethanes, polyesters, plastic additives and others.


Since 1999, we manufacture UBESOL 45, a new type of granular ammonium sulphate, which improves its application for agricultural use. It is now a leading factory for granular fertilisers in Europe, with a production of 200,000 t/year.


Since 2004, UBE has produced Polyamide 6 and copolyamides (polyamides 6/6.6 and 6/12). Our current capacity is 30,000 t/year.


In 2005, the company started manufacturing new fine chemicals: 1,5-pentanediol and varying grades of polycarbonate diol. The Castellón plant has one of the largest production units in the world with a capacity of 6,000 t/year.


At UBE, we also continuously invest in process innovation and environmental improvements.