Company - Human team


Expert and motivated to create solutions


At UBE CORPORATION EUROPE, we provide solutions to industry through the work of a team of highly trained and motivated professionals.


We bring together people from multicultural backgrounds and our staff has employees from many different countries, including Spain, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Romania, Ukraine, France and Croatia.


Our team is extremely varied and, on the one hand, we are characterised by the seniority and knowledge of some members and, on the other, by the technological skill and enthusiasm of our younger employees. 


In our organisation, lifelong learning is an element of utmost importance to grow and respond effectively to the new demands of the various industries we supply, thus meeting the requirements of different lifestyles.


At UBE, we have a Study Promotion Programme for employees in areas such as languages, information technology and higher technical studies...


With one eye on the future, at UBE we also foster an interest in and knowledge of chemistry among intermediate and advanced students near the Spanish production plants through school visits to our company, our Work Practicums Programme and the UBE Annual Scholarship Programme.